The Spartacus Mosque Registry

The Spartacus Mosque Registry is a pre-emptive stand against Donald Trump’s plans to violate the rights of Muslims in America. Donald Trump has said he will round up American Muslims into concentration camps, sendĀ federal government spies out to watch their every move, and ban them from international travel – on no other basis than their religion.

Donald Trump has said that he will force Muslims in America to sign a registry and force them to carry identification with them at all times, showing their religious identity, much as Jews were forced to wear yellow stars in Nazi Germany.

Those who sign the Spartacus Mosque Registry declare that if Donald TrumpĀ is going to persecute Muslim Americans, then he will have to persecute us too. We sign this registry as a pledge, declaring that we are ready to endure every bit of suffering that Trump forces upon Muslim Americans, because we refuse to abandon our neighbors to tyranny.

Spartacus Mosque Registry


I, the undersigned, commit to protect the constitutional rights of Muslims in America. When Donald Trump targets Muslims in America, I will stand up and declare, "Take me first. I am a member of the Spartacus Mosque. I am a Muslim."

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